The Douglas Hoeft Scholarship Foundation

Douglas Hoeft Scholarship Foundation

About Us

The Douglas Hoeft Scholarship was established in 2003 after the untimely passing of State Representative Douglas Hoeft. He began serving in the Illinois legislature in 1993 and prior to this was a history teacher at Elgin High School and Kane County schools regional superintendent.

Rep. Hoeft had just won his 8th term of office when he died so the money left in his campaign funds were used to establish this scholarship to help graduating seniors go to college. He always believed that education was the key to success, especially for students facing the biggest challenges. Since that time, more than 80 students have received this scholarship to help fund their education.

This scholarship provides financial assistance to high school graduates of programs within the nine school districts of the Kane County Educational Service Region, who also currently reside within these areas, and who are entering their first year of a vocational/technical program or an institution of higher education:

This scholarship shall be administered by the Douglas Hoeft Scholarship Foundation Advisory Committee with the guidelines and criteria established for the scholarship.


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